10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nadia Buari

One of the most popular and most influential actresses in Ghana today is Nadia Buaria. Buari started her career in Ghanian National Television on 2005 in “Games People Play” which was one of the most watched television series in Ghana. Her break out role came when she starred on The President’s Daughter playing the role of “Beyonce” a sophisticated woman who falls in love with a man who is in love with someone else and tries her best to destroy their relationship. Her role as “Beyonce” has opened many doors and allowed her to be the lead star of 20 more movies that gave her 2 nominations for best actress in a leading role at the African Movie Awards in 2007 and 2009.

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10 Lesser Known Facts About Nadia Buari

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Let’s find out…

1. Her First Major Film is Mummy’s Daughter –

Nadia Buari’s first major film was “Mummy’s Daughter” where she was the daughter of a girl who had a love affair with a man who was marrying another woman. When her mother died and her father had a fatal accident, her dad begged his wife to take care of Anita (Buari) who was still a young child at that time and confessed that he had a secret relationship with her mother months before he was to wed. The story had a similar plot with movies like Cinderella and Ever After. However, the movie has unique twists, one of the reasons why the movie was a big hit, her great acting skills got the attention of the media.

2. Nadia Buari was Once in a Steaming Relationship with Michael Essien –

For a while she was in a relationship with Michael Essien a Ghanaian footballer who plays for Chelsea, and the Ghana national football team. But their relationship did not end well which resulted in a bad break up. Now Mr. Michael Essien is married to his Publicist and they are expecting to have baby number 3.

Nadia and Essien

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3. Nadia Buari is Currently an Ambassador for Tablet India–

She is the 2013 Brand Ambassador of Tablet India Limited (TIL), a pharmaceutical manufacturer and marketer of high quality products. Tablet India is a pioneer in Probiotic segment with the introduction of the novel concept of ‘synbiotic’. Buari, 30, is not new in the business of representing pharmaceutical companies. She was until 2012, an ambassador  for Orange Drugs Limited, a Nigerian based pharmaceutical company.

4. She Loves Dogs –

Nadia loves dogs, currently she is focusing her attention to Phedo, a Golden retriever who waits for her everyday at her door. She takes Phedo out for a walk in the streets or in the beach. She enjoys his company and she claims that today “Phedo” is the man of her life right now. When it comes to love, the daughter of former president of the Musicians Union of Ghana, MUSIGA told Rene Collections, a bi-yearly fashion magazine that the love in her life is a dog. “Hahaha – My dog. I can’t imagine my life without animals (dogs specifically). I love the fact that I come home and meet Phedo at the door waiting for me. It’s actually the sweetest joy of life. I even dress him up in little outfits …I’m madly in love with him”, she said, when asked, “Who is the love of your life at the moment?”


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5. Nadia’s relationship is Undefined

Nadia who is currently the mother of two beautiful girls (twins) has refused to come out clean about the nature of her relationship with the girls’ father. For over a year after her delivery, the actress kept both the babies ad their father secret, never sharing photos of them.

But later on, Nadia only managed to share the photo of herself and her man on Instagram on the 2017 Father’s Day, with the caption, “Happy Father’s Day to the king of our castle. I love u”, serving as the only clue that he is the babies father.

6. She Has a College Degree –

Unlike some of her peers, Nadia has a College Degree. She studied at the University of Ghana Legon with a Degree in Fine Arts. She says that having a college degree will secure her future especially later in life when her fame fades away.


7. Her Dream is to Produce and Direct her Own Movies –

Nadia’s ultimate dream has always been to become a producer and director of her own films for some time now and the dream has finally materialised for actress Nadia Buari with the completion of her maiden production called Diary of Imogen Brown. Starring herself, Jim Iyke, Charles Bruce, Soraya Mensah, Heba Khaled, Kevin Boateng, Prince Mingle and Beatrice Dadson.

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8. She Used to be an Alcoholic

Nadia at a young age had a serious battle with alcohol addiction. Her mother rescued her and got her out of that lifestyle. She claims that her mummy just came in the nick of time and always reminded her to put God first and pray to Him. With the advice given by her mom, she eventually won the battle against alcoholism and got back in shape to become the actress she is today.

9. She is a Twitter Addict –

Nadia Tweets everyday in order to connect with her fans. Everyday she tweets what she is doing and often shares pictures via Instagram. Follow @B5sNadiaBuari

Nadia Buari Official website: http://www.nadiabuari.net/

10. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for International Children’s Games Ghana

Nadia Buari is currently an Ambassador for children who are underprivileged. She is not just a popular pretty face actress in Ghana, she is also a kind hearted person who puts God first and helps other people at the same time to achieve their purpose in life

Nadia Buari Quotes

“Guys love me more…,”- Nadia Buari

“A lot of people have their own perceptions about me, like I’m very stuck up, so full of myself, you know. But it’s not true…,”- Nadia Buari

“Yes I am very spiritual cos I believe that in everything I do, I have to put God first,”- Nadia Buari

“I love to watch my movies. You have no idea…I would watch my movies like over a hundred times…,”- Nadia Buari


  • Beyoncé – The President Daughter
  • The Return of Beyoncé
  • Mummy’s Daughter
  • Darkness of Sorrow
  • Slave to Lust
  • In The Eyes of My Husband
  • American Boy
  • Wicked Intentions
  • Tomorrow Must Wait
  • Hidden Treasure
  • Beyonce & Rihanna
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • My Last Ambition
  • Love, Lies and Murder
  • Sacred Lies
  • Okun Omo Iya
  • Tori Iya Mi
  • Aye Jemila
  • Diekola
  • Ojo Iranti
  • Aworawo
  • Goat Lover
  • Mr and Mrs Ibu
  • The Angle Against The Monster
  • Heartless
  • Last Hour Romance
  • War of Roses
  • Under My Pillow
  • Speechless
  • Holding Hope
  • Desperate Bride
  • Innocent Sin
  • Guilty Threat
  • The Golden Lady
  • Satanic Kingdom
  • Rough Rider
  • Crazy Scandal
  • Unfaithful
  • The Monster In Me
  • Bad Egg
  • Garden of Eden
  • No More Love
  • Rain
  • Single and Married