See Nadia Buari’s Heartwarming Message to Mum As She Celebrates Her Own Birthday

Stunning Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, celebrates her 34th birthday today. However, she took to social media to celebrate and express love for her mother. The ever beautiful mother of two chose her own day to celebrate her mother whom she says has been her rock and pillar. Her post read:

Dear mummy… Many daughters could not become women because of the absence of their mothers by them while they were growing up as kids, but u were present to stand by me, stand with me and stand for me while I developed my life’s style.

I can never forget how u never forget to love me…Ur love never failed towards me and still that love never fails towards my little angels, ur grandkids. For making ur toil become the soil on which I flourish today, I say, I’m so grateful. U come first to me of all mothers who go through great tests of life to make their kids become the greatest in life. The care u give my little angels, I’ll take of u.
I have many role models and examples in life, but u are–
U are my school, in which I love to learn and learn to love.
Today, the 21st of November….my birthday, I celebrate u mummy… Thank u for being my heart’s first home. I love You @caddybuari.
Yours, Yours!

Nadia Buari’s mother Caddy Buari indeed has been a pillar to the single mom of twins. Her mother is said to be the one taking good care of the Nadia’s twin girls. Caddy truly makes sure nothing disturbs the actress’ business.

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Meanwhile, not forgetting the actress’ birthday; Happy Birthday Nadia and many more years.

See photos of Nadia and her lovely mother

Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari and mum