Naked For 40 Years And Counting… Meet The Man Who Cannot Wear Clothes

It only takes research and travel for one to find out that there is virtually nothing that is not obtainable under the sun – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the incredible! This article contains one of such “incredible” stories which we have no option than to turn around and grant them credibility as the evidence stares us in the face.

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Subal Barman is a 43-year-old farmer in India who has been naked since he was an infant because he’s allergic to clothes. He cannot wear any form of clothe not even for a moment. Even slipping on a sock would cause excruciating pain for this Indian farmer who is forced to tend his fields in his birthday suit.


Despite being diagnosed as early as when he was just three, Barman can’t afford expensive treatment and has to live his life nude. The condition is so severe that he  can’t even sleep under bed sheets as it causes him pain and irritation.

Subal, whose naked body is a common sight in Rajpur village, in West Bengal, northern India, refuses to let his strange condition get him down. He goes about his daily business and also participates in both social and religious activities that go on in his hometown.

As a boy Subal used to be ashamed of his appearance but now as the years have gone by, he has embraced his body and his fate, saying that the disease may be a blessing from God. While many may be shocked to see a fully-grown man wandering around in his birthday suit, he insists people in his village have got used to him.


He said:

From my childhood I could not wear clothes on my skin. It gives me a burning sensation and it’s unbearable. My neighbours have fortunately got used to me, they think it’s normal and never complain. They know I’ve had this issue for years so they leave me be and do not tease me. 

I have to take baths several times a day in the summer because my skin is too sensitive to the heat. I can’t cope with the prickly sensations, water is the only thing that helps.

What concerns relationship with women, well,  what woman could marry a man who has this kind of problem. No family will allow their daughter to marry me. I know I’m an embarrassment but I have no choice. This is the life I have to live. I know I’ll be alone forever – this is my destiny but being sad or depressed about it cannot reduce my problem. I have accepted that God has given me this special thing. Maybe in his eyes I am special!”

Fellow villagers are also trying to support him, the man attends local weddings, parties and even is allowed to go to the temple naked.


A spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation, Professor Hywel Williams, said that Subal might be suffering from a form of Dysaesthesia, which is an abnormal unpleasant sensation when someone is touched, usually caused by damage to the peripheral nerves. He said: “Dysaesthesia” includes pins and needles, burning, tingling and a crawling sensation.

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