Nana Aba Claps Back At Her Critics, Calls Them ‘Bird Brains’

After the many attacks Nana Aba Anamoah got for her question to the president which left  many rather perturbed, Nana responded wittingly to her critics saying that a lot of people couldn’t understand her question because of their ‘bird brains’.

Nana Aba had earlier on Tuesday during a press briefing at the Flag Staff house asked the President Mahama how he manages to ease stress amidst all the pressure he gets as a President. She said:

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“Good afternoon, Mr President and Happy New Year to you… I want to know from you, since your assumption of office, what you have done to reduce pressure on you…. on the Presidency, because if any prominent person dies in this country, they call on the President… a business delegation calls on the President. Anything at all, the President is referred to. What have you done to reduce the pressure on yourself to concentrate on the things you find important, and what keeps you awake at night?


Mahama’s amicable reply did not at all calm down the majority who were raging criticisms on social media. Nana Aba however, threw more light on her question saying that she only wanted to find out his focus and priorities especially as the nation was going through challenging times.

This prolonged drama can be said to have a striking resemblance to the incidence of October 2015. All hell had been let loose when Nana Aba who was a News caster and TV presenter at TV3 Ghana then, jokingly posted photos of herself suggesting that she was at Old Trafford, Manchester to watch a live match. The public and her fans had come after her, calling her a liar and a photo thief. The drama had kept on and did not abate until she paid the ultimate price.  Suffice it to say the drama came to an end with her resignation.

However, it can equally be said that Nana Aba’s expression of tagging her critics as ‘Bird Brains’ should not be substituted for the former issue. The lady has gathered guts now and has more of a fighting spirit than she did then. She is most likely just going to give it hot to anyone who dares her, so trolls beware.

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