Mahama Ignorant of the Law; No President Can Destool Chiefs -Nana Addo Reponds

Nana Addo can’t destool any chief when if he becomes President because according to him, no President has the power to do that

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, has responded to a recent comment by President Mahama that he [Akufo-Addo] will destool chiefs who criticize him, should he become president. Nana Addo has pointed out that no President has the power to destool any chief, contrary to Mahama’s claims.

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Mahama while addressing supporters during a campaign tour, had warned chiefs against Voting Nana Addo because he will not tolerate their criticisms, and can go as far as deposing them for criticising him. But Nana Addo can’t destool any chief if he becomes President, because according to him, no President has the power to destool a chief.

Addressing electorates in the Assin Central constituency of the Central Region on Thursday, Nana Addo said that if he is elected president, it will not be within his powers to destool any chief. He said that Mahama’s comments show his ignorance of the regulations in the constitution that makes it impossible for politicians to meddle in chieftaincy affairs.

Speaking further, the NPP Flagbearer said that according to the constitution, it is only the Judicial Committees of Traditional Councils who can destool a chief, and not a President. Nana Addo said that it is due to the independence granted the institution of the Chieftaincy, that Chiefs had been barred from engaging in partisan politics.

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Nana Addo explained to the electorates that he could never be disrespectful to the chieftaincy institution, especially as there are many chiefs in his ancestry.

The NPP Flagbearer reiterated his claims that Mahama and his party have been running a campaign of attacks and insults on him. Buttressing his points, Nana Addo said that Mahama who was on a campaign tour, chose to hurl attacks on him concerning the destoolement of chiefs; instead of telling the people what his vision for them really is.

He continued that during the NDC manifesto launch, all Mahama did was to talk about him (Nana Addo); adding that the President had to be prompted before he began talking about the contents of the manifesto.