“Stop The Tribal Politics” – Nana Addo Rebukes Mahama Over Tribal Comments

Nana Addo condemns tribal comments made by President Mahama

Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Akufo-Addo has rebuked President Mahama’s tribal comments during the President’s recent address.

President Mahama, while campaigning in Lawra, in the Upper West Region, reportedly stated that the NPP is anti-northerners and will never allow any of her members who is a northerner to progress in his political ambition.

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But speaking at Akim Oda on Saturday, November 19, 2016, on the last day of his tour of the Eastern Region, Nana Addo condemns tribal comments made by President Mahama. Speaking to thousands of supporters gathered, the NPP Flagbeaer said he found such statements very unfortunate. He added that such comments are characteristic of a President who has no plans of presiding over a unified country, and is willing to say and do anything to win an election.

Nana Addo also wondered why Mahama chose to play tribal politics during his campaign, when there are countless problems faced by Ghanaians. He continued that despite Mahama’s inability to defend his 8-year record in office, President Mahama is embarking on a divisive and tribal-based campaign.

The NPP Flagbearer added that Mahama’s preference of using divisive language in the course of his campaign, is because he has envisaged a possible defeat in the coming elections, which is barely 15 days away.

He went further to query the President about his so called achievements in the North. Akufo Addo wondered why Mahama keeps asking for votes from northerners, when his reign hasn’t been of any significance to the north -where he hails from. He noted that under Mahama’s tenure of office, the people of the North have been further impoverished and that the levels of poverty in the North are truly unprecedented.

The NPP Flagbearer also made reference to the Savannah Acceleration Development Authority (SADA), saying that monies from SADA which were to be used to develop the North, have been squandered.

Nana Addo then urged the northerners to vote for him for a positive change in the system. He also raised calls for unity and peace among Ghanaians, especially in this electioneering period.