‘Public Theft Shall Be Non-Existent in My Gov’t – Nana Addo

Presidential candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo has said that people who would serve in public offices under his government shall be those who are willing to work to bring back the country on the path of prosperity and never for personal gains.

He therefore warns NPP members who want to garner wealth for themselves when the party comes into power to stay away from public service.

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Addressing a fund raising dinner organized by the UK branch of the Young Executive forum of the NPP, Nana said the NPP is the only party that has the plan of action to tackle the problems of Ghana. According to him,

“Public office is no longer going to be the platform for the brazen theft of public funds. Public service is going to be just that, public service. I have said it before, and I will repeat it. Those who are coming into office, if we win, must understand that they are coming to give public service. Those who are coming there to make money must stay in the private sector, there will be a lot of opportunities for them there.”

Pointing out that they are going to ‘build a Ghana that works, a Ghana that there are jobs for our people, a Ghana which is poised for the 21st century’, Nana Addo noted that his government will not in any way harbour corrupt officials.

He explained that the party is set for the 2016 elections and also ready to take over power after the elections. This he said is evident in the vigilance displayed by party officials in the just ended  limited voter registration exercise.

“The NPP is ready for the big task ahead and we’re not going to permit twenty seven zero to happen. We are going to do whatever is legitimately possible to effect the change that Ghanaians need. Let us all work together and put our shoulders to the wheel. Let us be the generation that sets Ghana on the road to progress and prosperity. That prosperity is within our grasp,” he said.

Moreover, Nana Addo’s running mate, Dr Bawumia had also said that his boss (Nana) is incorruptible and is not in politics for personal gains.

Speaking in an interview with Citi Breakfast Show Friday morning, Bawumia said, “Nana Akufo-Addo is not in politics because of his stomach. Everybody knows he is incorruptible and I’m very glad to provide him with support”.

Describing Nana Addo as a focused and honest man of high integrity, he said he (Nana) wouldn’t have been in politics at all if he wanted personal gains.

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He stressed that the party is serious about her intention to transform the economy in order to relieve Ghanaians of current hardships prevalent in almost all sectors of the economy. According to Dr Bawumia, no one is left out – ‘teachers are suffering, teacher trainees are suffering, fishermen, nurses, cocoa farmers, labourers, and drivers are all suffering’. He also added that their government will ensure that all ‘nuisance taxes’ are slashed.

He therefore urged all Ghanaians to support them so as to enable them bring about change in the situation of things in the country and also transform the economy to become one of the best in Africa.