‘I Only Need 80% Ashanti Votes To Get Close To The Presdiential Seat’ – Nana Addo

Nana Addo needs 80% Ashanti votes to take him closer to the Presidential seat. This was revealed during the NPP flagbearer’s meeting with party heads in the Ashanti region

Relentless Presidential Candidate of the Opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Addo, has made his own predictions for the 2016 elections, but in a different way. NPP’s flagbearer recently said that his party is likely to assume power after the December elections, if they can secure 80 percent of the total votes in the Ashanti Region.

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Addressing executives and parliamentary candidates in the Ashanti Region on Monday, the Presidential hopeful was very delighted with the popular Ashanti Region polls. He explained that gaining 80 percent of the Ashanti votes, will secure the party a win in the coming elections.

Nana Addo called for more cooperation in the party, as that is the only way they can achieve success; in unity. Speaking on cooperation, the three time NPP flagbearer urged the Ashanti party heads to be eager to share ideas which will be of benefit to the party. He also reminded them that the main opposition is President Mahama, who has been a disaster to Ghana. Having said that, he urged them to cast aside their personal issues with the party, and focus on making year 2016, “the year of the elephant.”

The Ashanti and Eastern regions, over the years have been known as the NPP’s strongholds when it comes to supporters. It can be recalled that in the 2012 elections, though Nana Addo did not attain the 50 plus percent votes needed to emerge the winner, he did exceptionally well in the two aforementioned regions.

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In the Ashanti Region, Nana Addo had 70.86% and 56.91% in the Eastern Region, while his biggest contender, President Mahama, had 28.35% and 40.03 in those regions respectively. And so, as it stands, Nana Addo needs 80% Ashanti votes to get closer to the Presidential seat.

These analysis clearly explains Nana Addo’s quest to secure more than the 70.86 % votes he won in the region 4 years ago. He explained that if he could tremendously surpass Mahama in those two regions, he can do it again this time to finally secure the Presidential seat.