In Defense of Nana Addo’s 110 Ministers: “More Hands Are Needed To Protect State Funds” -Hamid

The Minister for Information, Mr Mustapha Hamid has continued to provide reasons why Nana Addo’s 110 ministers should be deemed necessary by the Ghanaian populace.

His comments are coming after the public outrage that greeted President Nana Addo’s nomination of 54 more ministers and deputies on Wednesday, March 15; bringing the total number of ministerial appointments to 110.

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Speaking on Citi Breakfast Show today [Thursday], the Information Minister stressed that the appointment of numerous ministers inures to the benefit of all, especially at a time like this when the fight against corruption and looting of state funds is a priority.

Mustapha Hamid refuted claims that a large government size will put pressure on the public purse, saying that it will rather help to protect state funds since many hands will now be required to sign every particular state expenditure.

Making reference to the appointment of a Minister of State in charge of procurement, as well as deputies to the Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Hamid explained that with more hands, a lot of money will be saved from public procurement and other expenditures.

“If you have two ministers at the Attorney General’s department who would sign off monies like we signed for people like Woyome, versus having three ministers who would have a better scrutiny… So if you need more hands to ensure that we are protecting bigger money, you might do so because it’s better,” he explained.

Also speaking at a press conference held Wednesday at the Information Ministry, Mustapha Hamid defended Nana Addo’s 110 ministers; saying that many hands are needed to help the government achieve rapidly, her transformation agenda. Mr. Hamid argued that things cannot be done the same way it has been done in the past while expecting different results.

“If we keep doing business as usual we cannot transform the country in the manner that we envisage”, he said.

Making reference to Article 78 (2) of the 1992 constitution, the Information Minister said the President has the right to appoint as many ministers as necessary for the efficient running of his government. He also pointed out that fewer number of government officials did not stop previous administrations from plunging the nation into huge debts; adding that it is better to have many competent people of integrity than few persons who loot the nation’s treasury.

Still emphasizing the need for a Procurement Minister, Mr. Hamid explained that “part of the President’s determination to get a hold on national expenditure is the reason why he has appointed a Minister of State in his office responsible for procurement whose responsibility will be to ensure proper value for money procurement”.

The Information Minister noted that it has been proven that the biggest means of wasting state money is through public procurement. And that explains why an expert in procurement law has been nominated to take care of the business of fleecing the state through public procurement.