Narrow Escape: Ghanaian President And Wife Would Have Crash Landed!

The Ghanaian President, John Mahama, and his wife Lordina, on their trip from Sunyani to Kumasi almost had a fatal air accident on Friday around 3:30 pm.

The helicopter carrying the President, John Mahama, and his wife, according to the pilot (who is a lady), had no option than to make an emergency landing at Apatrapa, a suburb in Kumasi as a result of unfavorable weather conditions. The helicopter made the emergency landing about 100 metres away from the Apatrampa Government Hospital.

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There were strong winds which preceded heavy rains that fell later that same day. Mahama and his wife were actually returning from a funeral service for the deceased mother of the Chairman of the Council of State, Cecilia Johnson to the Kumasi Airport, where the presidential jet was waiting to whisk them to Accra.


According to spokesperson of GAF, Lt. Col Aggrey Quarshie, as related by, “Nothing happened to the helicopter and there was no injury. They were coming from Sunyani and made a precautionary landing due to bad weather. The First Family was later moved to Kumasi and brought back to Accra”.

GraphicOnline correspondent, Donald Ato Dapatem, who reported an unplanned helicopter landing on Friday, said armed security men including police and military cordoned off the area where the helicopter landed. At the time,  he did not know that the aircraft was carrying Mr Mahama and his wife.

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Quoting eye witnesses Dapatem, ‘the helicopter nearly crashed into the hospital and some residential buildings but managed to land on the field around at 3.30 pm’. He also said that many curious residents  of area, which is referred to as Apatrampa Airport, defied heavy rains to try and catch a glimpse of the aircraft. It had been raining in kumasi since 5pm. The rain was preceded by very strong winds, he noted.

The presidency expressed his gratitude via twitter. He tweeted:

I feel great pride for our armed forces. Great intuition shown by our heli pilots. I feel so proud. And at the controls was a woman”.

President Mahama and his wife are safe and sound in Accra now.