NDC MP Calls For Removal ISD boss From Office For Error-Ridden Brochure

The error-ridden brochure at the event of Ghana’s Independence day parade has aroused lots of criticisms on the government. But most especially, critics have been on the case of the acting Director of the Information Services Department (ISD), who took the blame for the error-ridden brochure.

Member of Parliament for the La Dade Kotopon Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Amasah Namoale, of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has called for the sanctioning of Mr. Francis Kwarteng Arthur under whose watch the errors were made. Mr Kwarteng had asserted that the Flagstaff House approved of the material before they were printed.

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At the event on March 6, the Brochure for the independence day which was distributed contained so many errors. There were pictures of portions of the brochures which captured the President of Kenya as Ghana’s President. There were also some typographical and grammatical errors in the brochure.

A Portion From Error-Ridden Brochure
A Portion From Error-Ridden Brochure

The issue of the error-ridden brochure had gone viral on social media with pictures of portions from the brochure and the public lashing out at the ISD. There were lots agitations from all angles especially for the fact that those errors were embarrassing considering the event was well graced by foreigners.

The ISD had apologized to the president as well as the public for the error-ridden brochure. Mr Kwarteng had signed a statement apologizing for the errors and equally took responsibility for the mistake. But in a recent development, Mr Kwarteng revealed he discovered the mistakes in the draft and asked that it be proof read.

I had a dummy of what was to go into the final work. I read it and upon reading, I realized there were a few grammatical errors and typos here and there so I did call my team and did indicate to them that they should get someone to do proofreading.

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But despite the revelation, the NDC MP insists that he should be sanctioned with Nii Namoale saying;

At least, there must be some sanctions against him…I’m not happy, I’m highly embarrassed as a Ghanaian and I’m  embarrassed as a member of government. He doesn’t deserve to be the acting head of the Information Services Department. He must carry the whole responsibility and be kicked out of the place. If I were him I would resign but if he chooses not to resign, he should not be the acting Head of the Information Services Department”