NDC Printing Cards For November Elections? Find Out

Though it has not been verified, an LMVCA member has oared out over the issue of NDC printing cards for the November elections

Ibrahim Adjei, a leading of Pro opposition pressure group Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA)  has alleged that the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) is printing new voters card. Simply put, the opposition group member is alleging that the ruling party is making attempts to rig the elections come November. Though it has not been verified, the LMVCA member roared out on the issue of NDC printing cards for the elections.

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According to reports, the leading member of the pressure group has said that the group is set to expose the NDC and their plans. Ibrahim Adjei who spoke on Ultimate FM Fact File said that the General Secretary of the NDC Asiedu Nketiah is behind the printing of new voters cards.

He said the secretary is printing thousands of new voters’ cards, and that this revelation would come to light in the nearest future. Furthermore, Mr Adjei challenged Nketiah to file a suit against him at the court if he (Adjei) is making things up.

Mr Adjei also said that all eyes are on the Electoral Commission (EC). He jeered at the EC for not  being vigilante enough and for allowing such demeaning acts to make their way into the commission.

He went ahead to say that the EC boss is very mistaken to think that only NDC loyalists work in the commission, noting that NPP Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP), and other parties, equally have their supporters, working in EC’s national, regional and district offices .

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This allegation of NDC printing cards for November elections is indeed a serious and delicate one. However, it is important to note that no official statements have been released by either LMVCA, NDC or NPP regarding this issue. Therefore, no general assertions can be made from this as Mr Adjei was speaking as an individual.