NDC Will Learn Their Lessons Only After Losing! – Montie Fm’s Mugabe Fumes

Raging with annoyance, Montie Fm’s Mugabe stressed that the NDC will come to realise ‘the true power of the people’ by the time they lose in the coming elections

Host of late afternoon political talk show Pampaso on Accra-based Montie Fm, Salifu Maase popularly called Mugabe, has directed his fury and frustrations at the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Montie Fm’s Mugabe who is known for singing the NDC’s praises appears to be disillusioned with the party over what he termed a total neglect. He claims the party and the ministers have over a period neglected those who are working assiduously to ensure the second term victory of President John Dramani Mahama just because they have the love for him.

Mugabe in his fury, threatened to quit his defense of the ruling party. According to him, the job they are doing is a “deadly job” which the various NDC ministers and appointees do not have the capacity to do yet, they think it’s an easy one.

The radio host accused the ruling party of buying expensive cars for senior journalists. He also said they refuse to support Radio Gold and TV Gold with adverts but rather, engage other media houses who are apparently anti NDC. According to Mugabe, those same journalists will still go ahead to insult the party even while enjoying those benefits.

Salifu Maase complained bitterly that since he was discharged from the prison with his two colleagues, their families have been neglected. He indirectly stated that after the NDC must have lost power, they will come to realise the true power of the people.

When the power leaves you then you will know the true power of the people. No radio adverts and no TV adverts for us. Keep giving adverts to the senior journalists. Our families have been neglected since we came out of prison, Mugabe fumed.

It is obvious that the outspoken Montie Fm host is not at all deterred by the ugly experience he had just few months ago when he was jailed together with two panelists of the radio station following a threat on judges [Read full story].