It’s Not Yet Time to Respond to Rawlings and Others – NDC

Leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said that they will not respond to the various disparaging comments being made by the founder of the party, Former President Jerry John Rawlings over their defeat in the December elections.

This was decision by the NDC was disclosed by the party’s 2016 Elections Campaign Coordinator, Kofi Adams while speaking with Citi News.

According to Kofi Adams, the party has set up a committee who are looking into the reasons behind the woeful defeat of the NDC in the past elections. He explained that it is only when the party has found out the true causes of such defeat which is uncommon for an incumbent government, that they will be in a position to respond to the various comments being made concerning it.

He also appealed to the media to hold on for the committee to conclude their ongoing findings before giving out further reports on the development.

It will be unfair to be responding to comments that people make including very high profile persons like the founder and former President of the Republic… We have put a committee in place, I would like that the media would give some space for the committee to finish its work then we can discuss the report of the committee…, he said.

A good number of Ghanaians have blamed corruption as the major cause of the NDC’s defeat in the past election. JJ Rawlings on his own part has stated categorically that the NDC lost the election even before the polls.

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Also, speaking at a ceremony to mark the 35th anniversary of the 31st December revolution at the Revolution Square in Accra on Saturday, he pointed out that their were glaring signs that the party will lose but they failed to take note of them and make the necessary adjustment leading to their eventual failure.

The former president and NDC founder has on several occasions before the election made comments and as well displayed attitudes that made the populace to perceive that the party is not having his full support in the approaching elections. Now, his comments after the elections have finally confirmed those perceptions.