I Will Prosecute Corrupt Officials From 1993 Till Date – Nduom

The Presidential candidate of the Peoples’ Progressive Party’s (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, promise to use his authority to prosecute and retrieve all the state funds that were embezzled by past officials from 1993 till date, if he becomes Ghana’s president.

“One of the first things that I will do is to go all the way back to January 1993, and find an independent prosecutor and find other people to join that prosecutor, nominated by the chief justice,” he said.

Dr. Nduom who is the founder and leader of the PPP disclosed this during a forum organised by students of the Islamic University College in Accra. He added that he will set up a committee that will handle the process.

They will examine all the administrations, from January 1993 till December 2016,” he said. “If anybody has done anything; stolen our money, messed up our assets, we will not look left or right, that individual will pay. If they don’t pay with cash, they will pay with their liberty.”

Speaking further on the some leadership campaign strategies used by the past leaders, Ndumo said:

“We Ghanaians have become very gullible. If somebody comes and says: ‘I am going to do a wonderful highway from Accra through Jasikan and all the way, Eastern corridor road all the way past Yendi’, then everybody claps and says: ‘This is wonderful’, then we go and vote.

“JJ Rawlings said it, Kufour said it, Atta Mills said it, Mahama has said it. We listen to those things and we clap and dance and go and vote. Will they not keep doing it? They will. But if somebody comes and says: ‘I will build an airport in Elmina in two years,’ we say: ‘Don’t mind this man; we will vote against him.”

Dr. Nduom led the CPP in the 2012 elections and will be seeking to do that again in this elections scheduled for November this year.

The past presidents of Ghana from 1993 – 2016 (who he will prosecute) include:

  • Jerry John Rawlings who served two terms as President of Ghana from January 7, 193 – January 7, 2001
  • John Kufuor became Ghana’s President from 2001 – 2009 after his victory over John Atta Mills at the end of Jerry Rawlings’ second term which marked the first peaceful democratic transition of power in Ghana since the the country’s independence in 1957
  • The late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills assumed office as President of Ghana from January 7, 2009 – July 24, 2012
  • Then to the current President John Mahama