Factory Without Raw Materials? Nduom Questions Gov’t on Komenda Sugar Factory

…And Nduom is back again, this time around with so many questions for government regarding the Komenda sugar factory. Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom like some critics has wondered why government hurriedly inaugurated the sugar factory without making provisions for the sugarcane, needed to run the factory.

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The founder of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), has raised some questions regarding the snappy inauguration of the factory which at the moment seems to be of no significance except for political reasons.

The Komenda sugar factory which was established decades ago by the late Kwame Nkrumah was closed down leaving thousands jobless after some technical and operational challenges. The same factory has been revived by President Mahama who has promised about 7,000 jobs from the establishment.

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However, eyebrows  have been raised among critics who have thought out loud that government’s decision to open the factory without the needed raw material to run it could mean that it was done for political gains. Seeing that the country is a few months away from the November elections, people in the likes of Nduom are wondering why the government would inaugurate the factory in a hurry.

Addressing students at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) on the issue of sugarcane for the Komenda Sugar Factory, Paa Kwesi Nduom demanded answers for so many questions concerning the sugar factory and other promises made by government to the youth. He wondered where the sugarcane needed for the effective running of the factory would come from.

“Who are the owners of this sugar factory – private and public sector? Where will the sugarcane come from immediately to provide raw materials for this factory?” He asked.

Listing other factories started under NDC and NPP administrations, Nduom wonders if those factories were established to create the illusion of an existence of a variety of jobs in the minds of Ghanaians when it is the opposite in reality.

“I have some questions based on the Ayensu Starch Factory, the Kumasi Shoe Factory and the Pwalugu Tomato Factory started under the NPP and NDC administrations that have proven less than able to deliver the projected jobs and sustainability,” he added.

He also asked why the raw material needed for the project did not come first. Another important question raised by the 2012 presidential aspirant is that of the measures being taken to sustain the party through future partisan politics (ensuring the factory is not abandoned when a party other than the NDC wins power).

Well then, we are waiting for answers to the questions raised.