New Times Corporation Staff Demonstration: Everything You Should Know

New Times Staff Demonstration…

Demonstrations have escalated to massive lawlessness at New Times Corporation, as the agitated staff resorted to locking their management out of the office.

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Workers of New Times Corporation, managers of the Ghanaian Times Newspaper on Monday, September 18, embarked on a demonstration at the premises of the company to protest what they termed as poor working conditions.

In a bid to get their voices heard, the aggrieved workers who wore red apparels went as far as preventing the management members of the firm from entering their offices.

New Times Staff Demonstration: Complaints and Grievances 

Though the cliche reason for their demonstrations would be poor working conditions, we would like to break it down.

Poor Allowances

The aggrieved workers lament that some of them have been stripped of some allowances and benefits they use to enjoy including leave allowances and promotions.

Other allowances they have been allegedly denied include fuel and transport allowances, healthcare insurance etc.

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One of the workers explained that they were being catered for by the Holy Trinity Hospital, but the Management has halted the process and ordered that they the staff go to government hospitals.

The agitating part of it is that there is no assurance of adequate care at the said hospitals.

Times MD

There is massive agitation for the removal of Times Managing Director, Carol Annang, who has been accused of worsening the plight of workers in the last few months.

According to the workers, since the current MD assumed duty, things have become worse. They lament that they haven’t seen any progress and that all the promises she gave to New Times Corporation, “have not seen the light of day”

The MD they said, had promised better conditions, which included the reinstatement of their benefits, salary increment etc; but is yet to live up to those promises.

Earlier in July 2017, the company under the leadership of Carol Annan, embarked on a massive rebranding drive which she believed would improve the operations of the state media organization.

However, barely 3 months after the rebranding exercise, the workers are accusing her of broken promises and a deliberate attempt to collapse the company.

I Didn’t Promise Times Staff Salary Increment – MD 

Meanwhile, the embattled MD of Times has said that the accusations of broken promises against her by the staff are unfounded and baseless. According to her, she did not promise to improve wages of workers at the firm as they have claimed.

In an attempt to clarify issues, Carol Annan said that; bearing in mind her short period of service at the company, it is unrealistic to say that she promised salary increment when she is not fully aware of the staff’s performance.

The Times MD also denied allegations by the workers that she has purchased a four-wheel drive for herself at the expense of the company since assuming office.

ICU Supports Protesting Times Staff

The New Times Staff Demonstration has gotten to the notice of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) who has declared its support to the exercise.

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Joining the protesting staff to lay bare their grievances, the General Secretary ICU Solomon Kotei said, “We shall ensure that she [Carol Annag] will not step a foot back into this company.

The ICU has said it will do everything within its power to see that the Times MD does not continue at the office.

Meanwhile, the Board of Directors of New Times Corporation has condemned the industrial action embarked by the workers.