Nigeria To Starve By 2050, If Agriculture Is Not Imbibed

During the 2016 budget defence at Nigeria’s Presidency yesterday, it was pointed out that Nigerians are at risk of starving by the year 2050 if nothing is done to improve the country’s agricultural sector. Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari stressed on the need to carry out an all-year round farming to ensure productivity.

Statistics show that the present mode of farming will not sustain the rapidly growing population of Nigeria beyond the year because the statistics equally show that the food shortage will be enhanced by the fact that the population of Nigeria would rise to 509 million by the year 2050.

The president said that farming should not be only in the rainy season, rather, irrigation methods should be applied to ensure an all round year farming. Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh also said that the country had what it takes to grow grass for cattles’ consumption.

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The Minister revealed the efforts of the ministry of agriculture to encourage and actualize an all year round farming programme in the country.

“We have written to state governments to encourage them to develop dams and canals so that agriculture becomes an all year round activity and it is not confined to the rainy season alone.” he said

Even though Nigeria has always been called the giant of Africa, that title has come under a lot of scrutiny lately as it is becoming evident that the country’s economy has taken several hits and is no longer as vibrant as it used to be.

The food deficit in the country is due to the increase in importation and the the sharp decrease in export especially where it concerns food. The problem of food and agriculture has become a matter of great concern to the government as the country’s population is fast growing as the years go by.

“We intend to intensity and consolidate on the local staples, the yams, the cassava, the beans, especially rice and wheat. Both of which consume $11 million per day in import. The figure is going down a bit. We can’t afford that in the long run because we don’t even have the resources.” the minister continued.

Nigeria is regarded as one of the most highly blessed countries in Africa. The Nigerian soil and climatic condition is very suitable for the production of wide verities of crops, it is said that there are over a hundred different food crops which can be produced in the country. But as it appears, the inhabitants have not effectively utilized their resources, it seems agriculture is relatively undermined.

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