Meet 19-Year-Old Nigerian Girl With No Arms and Legs

The Nigerian girl without limbs was born like every other baby, and was very healthy at first…

One can only imagine the emotional trauma she and her family have been going through all these years. Rahma Haruna from Kano, Nigeria, is the 19-year-old girl born without limbs, whose family has resorted to keeping her in a plastic bowl.

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The Nigerian girl without limbs was born like every other baby, and was very healthy at first. Rahma’s health problem started when she turned six months, her growth came to a sudden halt, and she stopped hitting key development milestones.

girl without limbs2

The illness, which has prevented her arms and legs from developing, has left the 19-year-old limbless. According to her mother the illness started from her sixth month, when she learnt how to sit. The disorder she said, started with a fever followed by stomach aches. The aches subsequently extended to her arms and legs making it difficult for her to use them. 19-year-old Rahma is now entirely handicapped and lives by the assistance of her loving family. She is particularly close to her 10-year-old brother Fahad, who has become very fond of her. girl without limbs3

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After several attempts to find a cure,the family has still not been able to secure a diagnosis for the strange illness. Rahma’s father Hussaini said he has spent almost everything he has to find a cure to his daughter’s illness, to no avail. According to him, he has spent more than one million Naira in is bid to help his daughter.

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Several attempts by doctors to find a cure have proved futile. Some people have said the 19-year-old is being struck down by a jinn – a supernatural being in Islamic mythology. After their story was featured in a Nigerian press, the family has been getting help in form of donations and the likes, from people.

Despite her traumatic condition, Rahma is full of hope for her future, and dreams of opening her own shop. girl without limbs5