Gbese Kingmakers Issue 7-Day Ultimatum to Nii Ayi Bonte to Renounce Stool!

Efforts by the media to get Nii Ayi Bonte to speak on the issue have long proved futile, leaving many Ghanaians perturbed and angered.

The Gbese Dzase or Kingmakers have given Gbese Mantse; Thomas Okine popularly known as Nii Ayi Bonte, a 7-day ultimatum to renounce his stool.  This ultimatum follows Gbese Mantse’s refusal to keep his promise at a function; to step down from his stool should his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC)  lose the 2016 elections.

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The Ga chief had made a promise to destool himself if the NDC is defeated in the December 7 elections. To everyone’s surprise, President Mahama lost to now President-elect Nana Addo, who polled 53.85% of total votes cast, against his 44.0%; in the just concluded elections.

Kingmakers as well as the general public who have not forgotten the chief’s vow, are now demanding for an implementation.

The Gbese Dzase are also angered by the recklessness of the chief, to deliberately go against their code of conduct, which forbids chiefs from being partisan  According to them, Nii Ayi Bonte’s comments suggesting he will relinquish his stool if the NDC loses the elections is against the constitution of Ghana and the Code of Royal Ethics for Chiefs.

Since the NDC’s defeat, Nii Bonte has been quiet and has been holding on to his seat. Efforts by the media to get him to speak on the issue have long proved futile, leaving many Ghanaians perturbed.

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The kingmakers who have also been waiting anxiously for a move by Gbese Mantse, have now joined the lot of impatient Ghanaians to demand for an implementation. In their bid to get him to act, the kingmakers have issued a 7-day ultimatum to Gbese Mantse to abdicate his stool or else they do so themselves.

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