No Exaggeration: You’d Never Know These 7 Female Ghanaian Celebrities Are This Rich!

There is a saying that money makes a man while clothes make a woman. I think this is the major reason why women are not always the major point of consideration when it comes to wealth and riches. So many times, we come across articles and lists ranking the richest men but we rarely see those of women. To strike a balance here, we are presenting to you, female Ghanaian celebs you may not have noticed are really rich.

Here are 7 Female Ghanaian Celebrities who are Really Rich:

1. Sandra Ankobiah


Sandra, the popular Tv presenter is one of the female Ghanaian celebs who show off the most on the social net work. This has made so many people to see her as someone who is just a braggart and is hyping herself. People could hardly be convinced that she is truly having some dough. But the fact is that this chick is really living big. She couldn’t just be doing most of the things she is known for out of a dry pocket – cruising in a brand new Porsche Macan S worth tens of thousands of US Dollars, regular first class trips to Dubai and London, lodging in almost £2000 a night hotels, possessing costly collections of designer outfits, etc. Whatever other sources of income she may be having, the summary is that she is having more than enough to spare.

2. Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro1

Yvonne Okoro is another beautiful and fantastic Ghanaian star who is not just an actress, but also an entrepreneur. She climbed unto the movie stage just few years ago but is quickly walking her way to fame. She is currently among the top best actresses in Ghana and known for her notable performances. Yvonne Okoro is the first Ghanaian actress to have been interviewed on BBC focus for Africa. She also appeared on the radio breakfast show Newsday on BBC radio as fast rising entrepreneur. It is a well known fact that money comes with fame. Therefore, all these achievements have really fattened her pocket, ranking her with the rich female Ghanaian celebrities. Currently she is one of the highest paid actresses with great commercial value.

3. Deloris Frimpong (Delay)


Delay is not only into entertainment but also into business that gives her real money. Mere looking at her, you can’t help but confirm that she is living well. Delay owns her own TV shows (The Delay Show and Afia Schwarzenegger), which are reportedly paying her big time. She also has her own Delay branded Mackerel products on the market, and a boutique.

4. Jackie Appiah


Looking at how popular Jackie Appiah is, I believe you’ll have no doubt about her own case. Jackie Appiah is one of the most famous Female Ghanaian celebrities who have actually made fortunes from the entertainment industry. She has signed deals with top companies and has acted innumerable movies. She’s cool and humble, but she is as well very rich. Her garage boasts of this fleet: a Range Rover, a 2008 Nissan Murano, a Chrysler 300 C and a Toyota Camry, and the last but not the least, a 2013 model of BMW X6.