No More Nude or Sexually Explicit Scenes For Me – ‘Born Again’ Majid Michel

Actor Majid Michel’s roles will no longer include sexually obscene parts

Actor turned evangelist Majid Michel, is out with more news for his fans. The actor has said that fans will no longer see him play nude, obscene or sexually explicit roles in movies. Simply put, Majid Michel’s roles in movies, will no longer include sexually obscene parts, where he will have to expose his private parts.

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The actor who declared his newly found faith in God this year, will now be regulating whatever roles he would be given to act in movies.

Speaking with Hitz FM in an interview, Majid said he was done with negative and sexually explicit movies. According to him, he will never feature in movies where he’ll need to expose his private parts, speak bad language and the likes. He however added that, he won’t quit featuring in bad movies, but will regulate the bad scenes that he plays. This is what Majid said:

I’m going to regulate whatever provokes the emotions of man, be it sexually or any negative way. I won’t stop being bad in movies but I will regulate the kind of bad scenes you will see.

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Majid who was believed to be an atheist, declared a new found faith in God earlier this year, to the surprise of many. Following his declaration, the actor has been seen and heard on different occasions, professing his faith and expressing his satisfaction with his decision.

It seemed like a publicity stunt at first when the ace actor publicly declared his new faith. But all rumours and doubts were debunked, following his recent bold venture into evangelism.

The ace actor made more rounds in the media when he was spotted ministering at Zoe Sanctuary alongside some of his counterparts. Majid with former colleague actors, Pascal Amanfo and Timothy Bentum of Timothy Bentum Ministries, reportedly spent four days praying, preaching and anointing the congregation.