LYING GAME: Who Is Best At It? Guys Or Ladies [PHOTOS]

Lies! Lies!! Lies!!! The article you are about to read is bothered around the three-lettered word “lie.”

What is a lie? What are the consequences, if any? Who tells the more lies, the guys or the ladies? I am not about to preach or send someone to hell, so please hold on a bit…. I remember a joke cracked by a comedian about who tells the most lies, between the male folk and female folk. According to him, guys tell lies, but ladies are liars. He continued by explaining that, a guy can lie about being at work when he is at home, or deny his girlfriend when wooing another girl, or tell you he has no money when has so much, or tell you she is mother’s sister’s uncle’s cousin when caught red-handed, etc. These are lies, abi? But when compared to their female counterparts, you will know that guys are saints.

How do you begin to understand when you meet a very beautiful lady and you fall in love because she’s your dream woman with everything according to specification. The blue eyes, pointed nose, nice set of teeth, flat tummy, heavy behind (you know what I mean), standing boobs (oh my!), not to mention a giant height and curly hair, etc. You take her to the altar (sharp sharp), only to get up after your honeymoon to start looking for you newly wedded bride. You see “something” beside you and you are wondering how it crept into your bed. Confused as you are, you get up to look for your “sweetheart.”  You look everywhere, kitchen, convenience, gym room, living room, everywhere. Then you call her phone and she picks up to tell you she is in the bedroom. You walk to the bedroom to discover that the “thing” you left on the bed is the “girl of your dreams,” and she even has the effrontery to call out to you, “Honey, come to bed!” I know exactly what happens next, you will pass out!

Now, tell me, Guys and Ladies, who are liars? See these photos and know that its no fiction.

Lies Ladies Tell

Makeup lies10 Makeup lies9

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