Arguments Ensue As Shatta Wale Reveals He Has Not Smoked ‘Wee’ In 4 Years!

Controversy over Shatta Wale’s smoking continues as the dance hall artiste makes an unusual revelation that he has not smoked weed (Marijuana) in 4 years!

Publicity stunt or not; self acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale, has revealed he has not smoked Marijuana for the past four years. The outspoken dance hall artiste made this unusual revelation in a recent interview. The ‘Kakai’ hit-maker also said he has never been to a rehab to control any form of addiction to the drug. In addition, Shatta said he is prepared to have his blood tested by a certified doctor to prove to persons who doubt his claim.

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Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Wednesday, the ‘Ho’lit’ hit-maker said it was a personal decision. According to him, he decided to quit smoking ‘wee’ because he realised there was no need as he is already hyper when he goes on stage. The ‘Mahama Paper’ hit maker explained that he made the decision to discipline himself on certain habits in order to grow and become much better in his music career.

Shatta Wale however, said he has not quit smoking normal cigarettes entirely. According to him, he takes cigarettes once in a while at the studio.

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This recent revelation is sure to raise eyebrows amongst cynics, who will obviously say it is just another celebrity publicity stunt, especially as Shatta Wale’s smoking has become a much talked about issue. Smoking; whether ‘wee’ or any other controversial substance, has remained rampant in the music industry across the globe. It is mostly believed that such substances enable artistes perform better on stage.

Artistes known for energetic performances are always rumoured to be involved in intake of different drugs which boosts their Adrenalin hence, making them render whirlwind performances on stage.

But the ‘Chop Kiss’ hit maker has come out to change the common perception of the public towards energetic performers. During the interview, Shatta Wale also said he is currently working on songs that preach about drug abuse.