Now Confirmed: Gifty Anti Is Pregnant! [See Photos]

It has been confirmed that Radio and Television Personality, Gift Anti is pregnant.

Radio and television personality Gifty Anti in October 2015 got married to Nana Ansah Kwao who is also an ace broadcaster and Chief of Edumasa.

The love of the two could not be hidden prior to the Royal Wedding as they openly expressed the affection they had for each other on their various social media platforms .

In recent news, it was rumored that Gifty, the Stand Point host was pregnant and now the rumor has been confirmed a true story.

Over the weekend, both were at the West Hills Mall in Accra for the premiere of Bismark the Joke movie.

The popular adage that pregnancy can never be hidden forever and will surely show, no matter how long it takes remains true.

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Gifty was spotted in a short white maternity gown which projected her protruded tummy, a confirmation of her pregnancy.

See photos:

gifty antigifty 2 anti

Sourced from LiveFm