Impossible! NPP Can Never Win Up to 30% Votes in Volta Region – NDC

The Volta Regional Director of Communications for the incumbent National Democratic Congress, Kafui Agbleze, has dismissed the New Patriotic Party’s target of 30% Volta region votes, describing it as an unrealistic and overambitious target.

According to earlier reports, the Volta Regional NPP executives at a press conference in Ho during a recent four-day tour of the region, says it will shock the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the upcoming election as regards the number of votes the party would earn in the region.

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Mr Joseph Homenya, the NPP Volta Regional Secretary, at the press conference said the party is working with a solid plan towards winning three parliamentary seats in the region and 30% (i.e 260,000 estimated vote) of all valid Volta Region votes cast.

However, in a press statement signed by the NDC’s Regional Communications Director, Kafui Agbleze the party said such targets are unattainable and are signs of desperation. He added that such ambition as that of the NPP is an ‘impossible miracle’ which can only be achieved in the dream land and never in the real world Volta region.

Pointing out that in 2008, the NPP had 15.38% of votes from the region and in 2012 the vote of the NPP dropped to 12.9%, he questioned the possibility of getting 30% of votes in this year’s elections.

He said the massive projects carried out by the ruling party in the region and the leadership skills exhibited by President John Dramani Mahama would be among the several issues voters would consider in determining who deserves their thumb.

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Among other developmental projects being carried out by the Mahama-led NDC administration in the region, Kafui Agbleze mentioned that Volta Region under President Mahama can now boast of a university with satellites campuses at Hohoe and Keta, 15 community SHS at various levels of construction with two commissioned so far by the president, fibre optic cable laid in the region to improve business and education, construction of an aerodrome in Ho, and a multi-million dollar water processing plant at Adidome to provide water for five districts in the region.

Stressing the point that Nana Addo, the NPP’s flag bearer has failed woefully in matters of leadership at party level,  Mr Agbleze said the NPP should stop expecting an increased number of votes this time as the people will never be willing to entrust the leadership of the country into their hands.

According to him, they should rather expect something around 10% of the Volta Region votes as against their dream 30% come the November polls!