NPP Shakes NDC with Powerful Manifesto! Here’s All You Need to Know

The much anticipated NPP Manifesto Launch has come and gone. The New Patriotic Party at the launch released a ‘heavy-duty’ manifesto which landed like a bombshell in the ears of opponents.

The NPP Manifesto Launch which was held in Accra on Sunday saw thousands of party supporters in attendance. The Manifesto is a 68-page document titled ‘An Agenda For Jobs; Creating Opportunities & Prosperity For All’. It highlighted the party’s plan for all facets of the economy including; trade and industry, energy and petroleum, agriculture and rural development, infrastructure, natural resources, land, forestry and mining, science, innovation, technology and environment.

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It also stated the NPP’s vision in education, health, social development, governance, corruption and public accountability, local government, security, foreign affairs, youth and sports, tourism and culture and creative arts. See the Manifesto highlights here as released by Citifmonline.

Speaking at the launch, Nana Akufo-Addo, the New Patriotic Party’s Presidential Candidate laid out numerous plans the party will implement in the country if they win the election. Stressing that the economy is in real crises, Nana Addo stated that Mahama cannot teach him lessons on patriotism. This he said in response to the President’s earlier claims that those who say the economy is in crisis are “unpatriotic and also have bad eyesight”.

Nana Addo went on to assure Ghanaians that the NPP is not after attractive slogans but is bent on providing practical solutions to the problems being faced by the people. He urged NPP loyalists to stand firm as the Lord will fight the battle for them come December.

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Former Trade and Industry Minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, the proposed Trade Minister under Akufo-Addo’s government also spoke at the launch. Among several other promises, he disclosed that the party will set up an Industrial development Fund which will support critical private sector industrial initiatives and as well curb the problem of unemployment in the country.

To respond to the challenge of raining long-term finance, the NPP government will first establish an industrial development fund, to support critical private sector industrial initiatives. The Fund will be ceded from government multilateral and private institutional investors…We will eliminate the current system of political patronage, and restructure the existing MASCLOC scheme to provide credit for SMEs, Alan Kyeremanten said.

Also speaking at the NPP Manifesto Launch, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the party’s Vice Presidential Candidate said the Nana ADdo-led NPP administration will reduce the burden of taxation being imposed on Ghanaians by the incumbent government. According to Bawumia, “the mismanagement of the economy under this John Mahama led government has resulted in an increase in taxes on virtually everything taxable. Taxes were imposed even on condoms and cutlasses”.

Bawumia specifically assured Ghanaians that under the next NPP government, taxes on head porters, otherwise known as the ‘Kayeyei’ will be lifted. He pointed out that the party’s administration will shift its focus from taxation to production.