We Will Never Allow the 2016 Elections To Be Rigged – NPP Vows

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has vehemently declared her determination to ensure that the upcoming election is free and fair – void of all forms of malpractice that may come from the ruling National Democratic Party (NDC) or the Electoral Commission (EC). NPP’s Acting General Secretary, John Boadu reiterated this decision while speaking at a news conference in Accra.

Mr John Boadu stated categorically that the New Patriotic Party will never condone any form of double or shady deals from neither the NDC nor the EC in this year’s election.

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Making reference to what happened during and after the 2012 elections, Mr Boadu vowed they will never let any similar incident take place in the 2016 elections. He explained that the NPP is determined to do all that is within their capacity to ensure that the will of the electorate is reflected in the outcome of the upcoming polls. He stressed that the party will ensure that the change that is being sought after by the populace is also allowed to reflect .

Buttressing these points, John Boadu said that nothing will ever make his party to compromise her decision to see to a credible, free and fair election come December. He stated that the party is particularly concerned with making sure that results declared at the polling stations would be the same as the ones collated at the constituency and sent to the National Collation Centre. He emphatically stated that they “will not allow 2016 elections to be rigged”.

The NPP has continued to criticize, as well as dish out warnings to the ruling party and the Electoral Commission as regards conducting a free and fair election. They have always been of the view that the NDC are making serious attempts at devising means of rigging the election.

In their bid to ensure that the election results are never tampered with, the Party’s Chairma, Peter Mac Manu had disclosed that the party has plans of declaring their own results after the elections.

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From all indications, the NPP has remained disagreeable in their interactions with the ruling party since the start of the election season. From the voter register credibility saga, down to the e-transmission brouhaha, the opposition party has continued to nurse the feeling that the ruling party are habouring shady plans on how to influence the polls to suit their selfish interest.