NPP Roars Out Over ‘Alarmist’ Report On Three South Africans

In a shocking turn of events, the three South Africans whom where arrested by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) were consulted by a local security firm, Delta Security, to train the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s private security team.

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Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported in the Daily Graphic as well as few other media outlets that three South Africans were arrested for acts likely to compromise national security’. This sparked a huge degree of fear among Ghanaians, especially as it was speculated in the media that the three were nabbed for suspected terrorist conduct.

The deputy director of communications of the NPP, Perry Okudzeto, has roared out in disappointment at the state newspaper for misinformation. According to him the party has also taken issues with the BNI over their arrest.

”…The issue is that there are three former police officers who work for a security company in South Africa who are in Ghana legitimately doing business. Our security people, who are part of the Flagbearer and the running mate’s security detail, are being trained by a local security company here in Ghana which has these foreigners as consultants. They have not broken any law; they are being trained on crowd control” he fumed.

He further bemoaned the manner which the issue was reported by the national newspaper saying that it added some twists in the story to create a negative impression of the NPP.

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Speaking to Citi News, Mr Okudzeto also explained the reason for inviting the South African security trainers to train the NPP security team. On that, he said that much attention is being drawn to the party and its flagbearer and possible chaos is always expected to ensue during political rallies and the likes. Hence the need to train the party’s security on how to handle the crowd.

He further made it clear that the men are not being trained on weapon handling, which means the alarm created was needless.