We Must Declare Our Election Results; Nobody Can Stop Us – NPP Vows

Now taking the dimension of who will declare election results, the electioneering drama continues…

Despite being fully aware that it is against the rules, the Opposition New Patriotic Party has vowed it will declare Election results after this years general polls.

The NPP for some undisclosed reasons insists they will declare their own results after the presidential and parliamentary elections are conducted on November 7.

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This stand taken by the party was publicly proclaimed by the party’s campaign manager, Peter Mac Manu.

Speaking to a group of party loyalists in Takoradi in the Western region, Peter Mac Manu boldly stated that the party would flout every rule or authority in the country including that of the Inspector General of Police and the Electoral Commission to declare election results after this year’s voting exercise.

“In this election, the NPP will also declare our own results.”

“…The IGP cannot stop us. Whether you are the Electoral Commission, whether you are a police or security officer, whether you are a polling agent, whether you are a chief, you cannot stop NPP from declaring results,” he added.

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Meanwhile, the Western regional director of the EC Steve Opoku Mensah has strongly opposed Mr. Mac Manu’s claims, reminding him of what we have in the law.

Mr. Mensah reminded him while speaking to Radio Maxx that, “political parties have no right to declare election results… election results are always declared by Electoral Commission of Ghana and not political parties.”

Without being told over again, we all know, that the Electoral Commission is the only body sanctioned by law to declare results after elections are conducted.

Howbeit, while praying and hoping for an absolutely peaceful election, we’ll all watch, wait and see what happens in this much anticipated November 7 polls.