Only 1 out of NPP’s 29 Promises is Measurable –IMANI

IMANI Deputy head pointed out the most immeasurable of NPP’s promises to be Nana Addo’s promise of creating another region from the Western Region

Out of the 29 promises made by the New Patriotic Party, only one is measurable, IMANI Ghana has said. The central policy think tank revealed this in its analysis of the various promises made by political parties ahead of the elections.

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According to Hubert Nii-Aponsah, Deputy Head at IMANI in charge of Political and Economic Affairs; out of the NPP’s 29 promises, “only one is quantifiable, 14, semi-quantifiable and 14 non-quantifiable”. Following the delay of political parties in presenting their manifestos, IMANI went ahead to analyse the said promises made by these political parties to the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

IMANI also had to rely on promises made by the parties in the media. According to reports, the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is the only political party that released their manifesto. Dissecting that of the main opposition party, IMANI pointed out that; the NPP’s promises under governance, comprised 8 promises, out of which only 3 were semi quantifiable.

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Speaking at a programme, Nii Aponsah pointed out the most immeasurable of NPP’s Promises to be Nana Addo’s promise of creating another region from the Western Region, if elected. He explained the prerequisites for creating a region which the NPP has not, and might never meet.

He explained that according to Article 5 of the Constitution; a commission of enquiry must show the president that there is substantive demand for a new region and a referendum conducted must entail at least 50 percent of persons entitled to vote. Nii Aponsah continued that 80 percent of the votes must be from those in favour of the exercise before the process of creating a region can commence.

He therefore explained that the promise is considered non-quantifiable, considering the fact that none of the aforementioned facts have been actualised by the party. He also described as non-quantifiable, NPP’s promise to revive the so called collapsing National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). According to the party, they will revive the once vibrant NHIS which has been ruined by the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC).

IMANI has also revealed that the NDC  has made up to 20 promises so far, PPP has made 48, CPP, 38, NDP, 44, while PNC, has made 62 promises.