Beware of Me; I Can Rig Elections – Obinim to Political Parties

Have you heard the Obinim can rig elections for any political party that asks for such from him? If no, you need to see this video…

Bishop Daniel Obinim of the International God’s Way Church recently declared his ability to manipulate the cast votes to go in favour of any political party of his choice. The pastor made this disclosure during an interview on OBTV.

Obinim who has ever been popular for the most bizarre reasons said that he is a dangerous man of God who has been given the power to do all sorts of strange things on the earth, including the very unacceptable vice of election rigging!

Other incredible things Obinim has so far said he can do include; manhood and breast enlargement, stealing money from banks, turning into all kinds of animals and many more.

He went on to explain that God has given him powers even to kill as much as five billion people in one night; this is quite horrific!

Even Jesus Christ knows I am a dangerous man of God… I can choose to kill five billion people in one night and it will happen, he said.

Commenting on the imminent 2016 elections, Obinim said that one of the easiest thing he can do as a dangerous man of God is to rig elections if asked to do so by any party. He explained that it does not matter whatever party the people voted for – NDC, NPP, CPP, or PPP as he can effect chages on the votes spiritually, to go for any party he chooses. He therefore warned all political parties to steer clear of him.

Meanwhile, some section of the public has seen Obinim’s declaration as a call on political aspirants to seek spiritual assistance from him ahead of the polls.

Obinim can rig elections; see him say so in the video below