Obinim’s Church Go Berserk as they Welcome Him from Prison; Vow to Vote against the NDC

Prior to the Bishop’s release on Thursday, the Youth Ministry of Obinim’s Church has vowed in a statement never to vote for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC)

The entire story looks like a big drama – quite ridiculous! The popular Bishop Daniel Obinim of the International God’s Way Church (IGC), who was detained over fraud allegations was prosecuted and subsequently released yesterday [Thursday] under not-very-clear circumstances. Although reports reveal he was granted bail with two sureties for each of the offences for which he was arrested, many are still left wondering the genuineness of the entire episode.

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Since after his arrest on Tuesday, Obinim’s loyal followers had refused to take their leave of the Nima Police Station where he was initially detained. It was even alleged that many of them spent the night and also held a church service at the police headquarters. However, the police succeeded in making them desert the station with the help of water cannon and pepper spray on Wednesday. Bishop Obinim was then transferred to another location.

Nevertheless, agitations for Obinim’s release continued in many other dimensions. The Youth Ministry of Obinim’s Church released a statement in which they accused Mahama and the government of false accusations against their leader. They argued that Obinim’s arrest is a conspiracy by the ruling party aimed at earning cheap political points as well as diverting the attention of the public from the impulsive release of the contemptuous Montie Fm staff.

According to the statement which was signed by the national president of the Youth Ministry o Solomon Adeyia, the IGC is a religious ministry and therefore do not participate in politics. They therefore declared ‘no votes’ for the NDC from the entire church which boasts over 50,000 members. The statement also added that if the Bishop is not released with immediate effect, the church will embark on a nationwide demonstration.

Some of the Obinim followers claimed that two sick persons awaiting prayers have died at the church while others will do same if the ‘healer does not come to their immediate aid. Singer Diamond Appiah also took to Facebook to announce their readiness to pay the alleged Ghc11.6 million  for which their pastor was arrested and detained.

But on getting news of his bail on Thursday afternoon, members of Obinim’s church went berserk! Hundreds of them had rushed to the streets leading to his residence to receive their ‘Angel’ in the most frenzied manner you could think of. Have a look at some photos captured during the wild reception.









Obinim who addressed his over excited congregation on his TV channel, OB TV shortly after his release claimed that that his arrest and detention was merely a plot to tarnish his image. He vowed that God will speak for him if he is really a true man of God and that his detractors will never go scot free after disgracing him.