Be Careful! Your Language Is Betraying Your Personality – Okraku to M.anifest on Sarkodie Beef

Following the much-talked-about M.anifest versus Sarkodie beef, Okraku-Mantey counsels M.anifest to be careful with his language as it may tarnish his already established reputation…

The social media has been rife with opposing and wounding comments from fans over the diss songs released by rappers Sarkodie and M.anifest which from all indications, were directed at each other.

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Ghanaian ace music producer and critic, Mark Okraku-Mantey seems to have rightly divided the beef going on between the two quarreling musicians, and has come out with counsels, suitable for each of the tongue-lashing duo.

Considering the verbal abuses the two musicians have rained on each other via their diss tracks, Chief Executive Officer of Slip Music and Head of Programmes at Hitz FM, Mark Okraku-Mantey counsels M.anifest to “mind his language”. Mark Mantey warned M.anifest to desist from ‘dirty’ language as it will certainly affect his brand.

Mark made these statements while speaking on Joy News Current Affairs Program, Pulse, Monday. He pointed out that the fans of M.anifest are of a particular class and he [M.anifest] must be careful not to follow what others are doing and descend into the gutters. According to him, Sarkodie has always admitted to being aggressive and has always been known for painting pictures of only himself and  his struggles to his fans.

“Sometimes somebody talks to you very dirty and you want to reply dirtier. The more you get dirtier, because of your brand position, the more your brand is affected. Because it is M.anifest, people respect him in a particular class, so if we see him speak like this, we will say no! this can’t be M.anifest.”

“If the one who is seen as the cool one; especially when we all know the kind of home M.anifest comes from, he schooled in the West and his level of education and all that, the perception is that he must know better,” Mr Mantey added.

Okraku-Mantey counsels M.anifest to know that there should be a cut-off point for his language, because, he cannot go scot free like Sarkodie when he [M.anifest] plunges into dirty abusive language. According to Mr Mantey, M.anifest can battle, but he must do that bearing tolerance in mind.

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Regarding who won the ‘beef battle’, Mark said, “M.anifest moved away from what he is noted for. He changed his direction [music wise] and still did well and when it comes to deepness, Sarkodie can never match M.anifest.”

On the part of Sarkodie, Mark Okraku-Mantey said while speaking on Hitz Fm, that the BET Award-winner lacks understanding of brand equity. He says Sarkodie said many things that are uncalled for in the ‘Kanta’ song, just in the name of dissing.

Quoting the line “Obi bɛ disse me a na ɛnnyɛ rapper a ɔde GTP ntoma pam kaba,” which means, ‘if someone will diss me, certainly not a rapper who sews kaba with GTP textile’ from Sarkodie’s Kanta, Okraku-Mantey said Sarkodie shouldn’t have said that.

“The GTP line was a no go-area, you don’t do that. Sarkodie does not understand brand equity. You cannot ridicule GTP… The afrocentric bit is another bad line. You don’t speak like that.”

All the same, Mark Mantey vouched that Sarkodie is a good rapper and no one can take that away from him. He also noted that his pace and choice of words are exceptional.

We sincerely hope the two respectable musicians would decide to keep their respects by putting aside this embarrassing show they are putting up in the name of ‘beef’ or ‘chicken’; whatever they call it! We’re also expecting all other Ghanaian musicians, in the likes of Stonebwoy, Criss Waddle, and Shatta Wale to do same.