Osarfo Marfo Raises Alarmed over Govt’s Last-minute Contracts, Recruitment

President-elect Nana Akufo-Addo’s representative on the Transition team, Yaw Osarfo Marfo, has expressed concern over new recruitment and contracts the outgoing government is allegedly embarking on within the short transition period.

Mr Marfo drew the attention of the Transition team to this development at the plenary session of the team’s meeting yesterday [Wednesday].

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Speaking at the general meeting, Osarfo Marfo disclosed that he has heard of the employment of security personnel, conversion of temporary staff into permanent public servants, awarding of new contracts, and procurement of sales and national assets after the election results were announced on December 9.

He however said he hopes the allegations are not true, considering the negative implications such 11th hour moves will have on the incoming administration.

We have heard of ongoing recruitment into the security services now which we hope is not true. We have heard of the conversion of temporary staff of political assistants and some of the staff we took on into permanent public servants. We have heard of the awarding of new contracts after the election results were announced on December 9. We’ve heard of the procurement of sales and national assets also after the results, Mr Marfo said.

Pointing out the need for cautiousness and transparency within the transition period, Mr Marfo appealed to the incumbent government to be open and to do proper consultation before doing anything that needs to be done.

The Transition Team

President John Mahama on Monday December 12 officially set up a 16-member Transition team, following the announcement of the election results which favoured the opposition party.

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The Transition Team according to the Presidential Transition Act 2012 (Act 845) has the responsibility of making comprehensive arrangements to regulate the transfer of political power following a Presidential election that calls for a change in government. This they do, by forming various sub-committees that will be responsible for different aspects of the process of the transfer of power.

It was in the Wednesday meeting of the Transition team that they were expected to decide on the various committees as well as  the composition of each committee, to enable them commence the process of planning the handing over ceremony.