Money Is Good! Never Apologise for Being Rich – Pastor Mensa Otabil

Otabil on money told his church members that, ‘money is good’, and that they should appreciate it rather than shy away from it.

Pastor Mensa Otabil has decided to speak on an issue that most men of God shy away from; the issue of money and wealth. During his sermon on Sunday, Otabil spoke about money and wealth and the ‘myths’ surrounding them among Christians. Otabil told his church members that ‘money is good’, and that they should appreciate it rather than shy away from it. Ghana’s most influential who is known for being outspoken, stated categorically that any rich man who says money is nothing, is a ‘hypocrite’.

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He advised his congregants not to pay attention to rich men who say money is nothing. According to him, if indeed a rich man believes money is nothing, he will let go of all his wealth. Speaking on the case of a poor man, he told his members not to listen to men in that category when it comes to wealth, because they have not worn the shoe, hence, cannot give a perfect judgement on it.

The pastor took out time to address certain pertinent questions surrounding the issue of attaining wealth, especially among people of God. He pointed out that some Christians shy away from talking about the positive sides of being wealthy, for fear of being seen as unbelievers. Otabil made it clear that being rich should not be seen as a plague among Christians.

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He explained that money is a blessing from God which should be appreciated among God’s people. He encouraged Christians to enjoy God’s blessing in its fullness rather than “apologise” for it just because people around them may not be as blessed as they are.

Indeed Christians are known for shying away from money talks or rather, undermining the necessities of wealth. It is obviously for the fact that there are so many sections in the Christian bible which discourage believers from laying their treasures on earth. But Ghana’s Most Influential while acknowledging the aforementioned fact, has encouraged his followers to see money or wealth as a blessing from God, and not a curse.