Otiko Djaba’s Rape Comments: Gender Minister Maintains Her Stand on Short Dresses

Social media has been abuzz with reactions from the public regarding Otiko Djaba’s rape comments, but the Gender Minister has this to say…

Minister of Gender and social Protection has responded to the massive criticisms hurled at her over comments which implied that women are responsible for rape. Madam Djaba in response to the backlash said she made the comments like a mother would advise her children.

Madam Otiko Djaba while addressing students of the Krobo Girls Presbyterian Senior High School in the Eastern region, admonished them to be cautious of what they wear since their choice of dressing can cause them to be raped. Djaba made these comments during the 90th anniversary and Speech and Prize-giving Day of the school.

According to her, in a bid to looks stylish and fashionable, girls tend to dress indecently which in some cases lead to sexual assault or rape.

Her comments however, were interpreted by a large section of Ghanaians to be abominable for a gender and social protection minister. This was in the sense that a gender minister who is supposed to protect women’s rights now turns around to encourage victim shaming, by implying that girls are sometimes responsible for being raped.

In response to the massive criticisms hurled at her for her rape comments against ladies, Otiko Djaba said her address on indecent dressing was only a strong advice from a mother to her children. Speaking on Kasapa News, she emphasized that even though young ladies have rights, these rights also came with responsibilities.

I have daughters and if they dress in a certain way and they are going out, I call them and ask them to change it or wear another clothing over what they are already wearing.

The Gender minister said that it is only proper for a parent to advise her girl child to dress decently. According to her, any good parent who means well for their daughter would ask her to dress properly.

Social media was abuzz with reactions from the public regarding Otiko Djaba’s rape comments. Some Ghanaians who took to social media to express their displeasure with the Gender minister questioned her position; in regards to her contradiction to what she ought to stand for.

In spite of her caution during the speech, to male teachers against sexual abuse of their female students, Madam Djaba’s comments was greeted with great displeasure from Ghanaians. Calls had been raised by some, for Djaba’s removal from office, following the rape comments.

However, Djaba stands by her word on indecent dressing and rape.