Otumfuo Hosts Nana Addo: The Asantehene’s Advice to the President Is On Point! Just Check it out…

Otumfuo hosts Nana Addo at the Manhyia palace during a grand durbar of chiefs on Saturday, as part of his three-day tour of the Ashanti region.

President Nana Akufo-Addo embarked on a three-day thank-you tour of the Ashanti region over the weekend. The President during his tour touched down at the Manhiya palace where he met with the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Otumfuo who had words of advice for President Nana Addo, cautioned him to be wary in his relations with the people around him. According to the Asantehene, some people around the President may unknown to him, want his downfall.

He advised the President to be objective and not sentimental with his administration, as that is the only way he will sustain his already acquired good name. Ghanaians he said, voted Akufo-Addo because they wanted jobs and better living standards, and will not hesitate to vote him out if he fails to deliver on his promises.

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He advised Nana Addo to be extra vigilant, adding that some past leaders have failed because of people around them. While he spoke about past leaders, Otumfuo talked about the unfortunate circumstances that surrounded former President Mahama’s unprecedented defeat in the December 2016 elections.

According to him, not long after the December 7, 2016 elections which Mr Mahama and his party lost, he (Mahama) came over and confessed that he should not have ignored his counsels. He also said other former presidents aside Mr Mahama also made similar confessions in the past.

In the history of Ghana politics, ex-President Mahama became the first living one-term president. His predecessor, Prof Mills died in office before finishing his first term.

Otumfuo in his analysis, says Mahama lost because the people were fed up with his administration and wanted a change. Last year’s electioneering saw many chiefs, political stakeholders and citizens throw their weight in solidarity behind President Nana Addo whose party was then in opposition.

Nana Addo’s message of change in the system had tilted the attention of Ghanaians away from Mahama, whose government was regarded as corrupt and incompetent by many. This according to political analysts led to Mahama’s unprecedented defeat at the elections.

For this reason, the Asantehene urged Nana Addo to heed his advice and make good use of his opportunity as President, to win the hearts of the people. Otumfuo Osei Tutu said he will continually support and advice the President as he did for his predecessors.

President Nana Addo visited the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, at a grand durbar of chiefs at the Manhyia Palace on Saturday. As Otumfuo hosts Nana Addo, the two talk about the president’s unprecedented victory at the 2016 elections, as well as his new life as president.

Otumfuo hosts Nana Addo
Otumfuo hosts Nana Addo

Over 50 Ashanti chiefs including Otumfuo’s late mother Asantehemaa, endorsed Nana Addo’s candidature for president during the 2016 electioneering. The President at the occasion thanked the Asantehene and the entire Ashantis for their support which formed part of the foundation of his victory in the 2016 presidential polls.