P-square Splits; Peter Okoye Reveals New Stage Name!

What could have transpired between Nigeria’s Darling twin duo Peter and Paul, popularly called P-Square? According to recent reports, the popular duo has split as Peter Okoye has revealed his new stage name. Having disclosed his new stage name to be ‘Mr. P’, Peter is said to have already gone on his first solo performance over the weekend. He also announced another individual performance to hold on April 7, in the United Arab Emirates on his Instagram page.

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At the moment, he has updated his Instagram bio adding the stage name “Mr P” and contact information of his new management.

Peter Reveals New Management Name
Peter Okoye Reveals New Management Contact

From all indications, he seems to have gone solo. In the past the Square records which happens to be a family business have experienced some family challenges including conflicts and disagreements which seemed to be very vague from the outside.

But the persistent nature of the media created a little insight as to if the duo or the entire family are in some kind of partnership issues. Rumours of their separation had broke out about two years ago with the different versions flooding the internet.

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According to reports, the management and family saga began sometime in 2014 when Peter was said to always accuse his brothers of disrespecting his wife and vowed never to forgive them for it. There was also a hint that because he is the passive member in the group the brothers could do without him, and lots of other unclear assertions. But amidst the rift, the duo were said to have reconciled in 2015, putting their differences behind them for the good of the family.

However, in a new development which left fans confused about their reconciliation, Peter had struck a deal with Nigerian Telecom giant, Globacom, to power his pet project tagged “Dance with Peter” without his twin brother (Paul) in the picture. He also, reportedly had one or two other deals with some companies without his brother.

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Subsequently rumours kept turning into reality with some claiming that Peter didn’t want settlement because he felt he was limited by his brothers and wanted out to really discover himself.

As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire as we can see from the recent development that the rumours are not far from the truth. Could this be a good or sad news to fans?.. Please leave your comments.