From Breast Care International: Why A Woman’s Breast Should Be Handled With Care

Pamper the Breast -To the men, women’s breasts are much more tender than you can ever imagine and should be handled with care. This message is from the president of Breast Care International, Dr Beatrice Wiafe -Addai.

Dr. Beatrice has urged men to handle breasts of women with care as it is a very fragile part of a woman’s anatomy. She shared this and more at the breast cancer awareness month which is celebrated in October every year.

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The Breast Care president stated that contrary to claims that the sucking of the breast by men reduces the risk of getting breast cancer in women, those claims are untrue.

Pamper the breast -Dr. Beatrice Wiafe-Addai

She stated that rather than the general notion, women who have children should breastfeed, as breastfeeding has some positive effect on the woman as far as breast cancer is concerned.

She explained that adult men voraciously sucking women’s breasts will only weaken the breast and also does not have anything to do with preventing cancer.

…But not adult men to go and suck the breast thinking it will protect the woman from breast cancer, that is not true, it is very fragile so let’s handle it with care. She said

She also urged men to be very supportive of their wives. This advice was pertaining to the events where men forsake their wives after they’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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The fight against breast cancer she said, is not an easy one; and so women need all the support from men, society and the nation.

According to her, should your woman be diagnosed or have a lump in her breast “don’t send her to her family home because she has been diagnosed with breast cancer”

Dr Beatrice was speaking with respect to the story of a breast cancer survivor, Raheema Quaye, who was kicked out of her matrimonial home by her husband after she was diagnosed with the ailment.

A woman going through such a devastating time needs all the support she can get from people. She advised that she should be given all the morale even if not financial so that she knows that someone is with her through the fight.