‘Parents Are The Greatest Dream Killers’ – Majid Michel

Ghanaian movie star, Majid Michel, said recently that parents should allow their children or wards to pursue their dreams, whether or not it augurs well with them.

He in an exclusive with TV3’s Nana Afrane Asante, was explicit about the approach used by some parents in choosing careers for their wards.He was of the opinion that parents should be ready to encourage and support their wards in realising their interest in an area they have chosen.

The talented  father of two revealed that he was not discouraged to chase his dreams growing up and hence, would do the same to his child.

No one stood in my way when I wanted to act because of the passion and extreme enthusiasm I had for the job” he said.

According to him, parents have been the major causes of cases where talents are not nurtured and are forgotten to chase other things. He buttressed that parents should appreciate the talents of their wards and not at all discourage them towards developing it.

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Parents are the greatest dream killers and I won’t push my son for example into football if he wanted to do something else.”, he continued.

The renowned actor who is well appreciated in Ghana and beyond has won so many awards including the GIAMA Best Actor award for his role in Brother’s Keeper. Appreciating how determined and relentless he was in pursuing and developing his talent which has today brought him to stardom, Majid Michel says he would not discourage or force his own child to abandon his dreams.

I wouldn’t push him in any way to say go and do this or that because now there is money in it so I will just try and build his interest in doing that because doing that clearly means I will be taking him away from his dream” he added.

Majid Michel is one actor who is greatly admired by Ghanaians. And with these recent statements, he would of course be counting more fans and followers.

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