Political Parties Including NDC Are Not Finding The IEA Debate Changes Funny

Major political parties have described the IEA Debate Changes adopted for this year as disrespectful

Political parties have begun agitating against the changes made by the IEA on this years presidential debates. They are of the view that the IEA disregarded their status by going ahead to take such decisions without their consent. Major political parties have described the IEA Debate Changes adopted for this year as disrespectful.

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The electoral stakeholders are not at all happy with the changes mad by the IEA, especially as no political party was consulted before such decisions where publicized.

Among the agitators, is the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) who have expressed their displeasure with the IEA for not consulting the party on these new arrangements. According to the chairman of the party, NDC “did not have any consultation with the IEA” which makes it absolutely wrong for the institution to make announcements without engaging the political parties that are involved.

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Also Bernard Mornah of the People’s National Convention (PNC) criticized the IEA for not consulting before proposing the new arrangements. Other parties have also criticised the IEA for planning to organize a special debate for the presidential candidates of the NDC and the NPP. Mornah said it would be against what the institution stands for.

The Convention People’s Party’s (CPP) Deputy General Secretary, Asani Tano, have also revealed that his party could boycott the debates given the recent developments. Meanwhile the IEA has not made any statement to amend the said changes they have made.

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), also frowned at the IEA’s move to organize a special debate for the NDC and the NPP . According to their General Secretary, Mutalla Mohammed, it was discriminatory of the IEA to make such decisions.