Do You Know Why Gospel Artiste Patience Nyarko Has Vowed Never to Marry a Pastor?

Marrying a pastor is such a big deal to Gospel artiste Patience Nyarko, as she has revealed. According to the singer, she will rather remain single all her life than marry a clergy man. The singer who does not want to bear the name ‘pastor’s wife’ also revealed that despite her wish, she has been getting more of men in the cleric order as suitors.

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Speaking in an interview on Showbiz last week, Patience Nyarko said she has turned down many clergy men who have come seeking her hand. She stressed that she is not giving up anytime time soon, as she will continue to reject men in that category.

Patience Nyarko2

According to the singer, though they are the only ones who come her way and are serious about settling down, she’ll continue to wait for the non-clerical who will be serious with her.

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Explaining the reason for her choice, the singer said that though she believes in God, being a pastor’s wife comes with so much pressure which she is not ready for. She explained that being a pastor’s wife should be a calling and she is not ready to bear the name.

According to her, being an ‘Osoofo Maame’ comes with a lot of responsibilities as well as expectations, which subsequently amounts to pressure on the bearer.  Shedding light on the expectations, she said that as a pastor’s wife, she has to be mindful of the way she dresses and acts in public, among other things. The singer said she prefers being herself, instead of living her life to meet people’s expectations.

Patience Nyarko has just released a single ‘Ye Pe Asomdwe’; a peace song directed towards political stakeholders, to strive to maintain peace during the pre and post election periods.