Though I’m Now ‘Born Again’, I Haven’t Stopped Acting – Nollywood’s Patience Ozokwor

Nollywood legend Patience Ozokwor, also known in the movie industry as ‘Mama G’, has decided to shed light on her recent decision of becoming a ‘born again’ christian, which many are still finding difficult to accept. Rumours on her new faith came about when Mama G reportedly said she had abandoned her previous lifestyle which included wearing trousers, dreadlocks and jewelries.

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Some months ago, there were circulating news of her dropping acting, as well as everything that has to do with entertainment, to follow the way of the ‘gospel’. But the actress though confirmed some of the aforementioned to be true, has cleared the air on some controversial issues surrounding her new faith.

First, Patience Ozokwor stated categorically that she has not quit acting neither has she dumped Mama G from her name. She explained there was no need to drop the name, as the meaning does not contradict her belief in any way. Shedding light on the meaning, she said the name ‘Mama G’ implies she is a mother to all, including the motherless, and the helpless, and that she is happy to bear such a name.

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She also explained that her relationship with God will not stop her from taking movie roles. However, She said she will continue to shoot movies and would never feature in any movie which is against God’s will. She also said she has never and will never feature in obscene movies.


Talking about how people took her repentance for granted, Patience Ozokwor also said that her life has changed for the better ever since she gave her life to God. She said she has been a Christian all her life, but the only problem was that she had not been putting God first in her life.

“I did not just give my life to Christ. I have been a Christian all my life. The problem was that there were some compromises God wanted me to remove from my life. she said.

She explained that being a true Christian, her way of life should reflect it with no compromise. She pointed out that the church has compromised a lot of worldly things, which has created little or no difference between the world and the church, in terms of dressing, way of life, etc. She encouraged every Christian out there to abstain form worldly things such as indecent dressings, alcohol, and piercings of different sorts, as such things do not portray Christianity.

Talking about her relationship with her children since she became ‘born again’. She said her children are all Christians and that they are not against her decision. She revealed that random people started calling her daughter to tell her that she (Mama G) has gone mad, when word about her new faith broke out. She explained that her daughter is happy about her decision and supports her as well.