Paul Pogba Shows Appreciation to Juventus With Brand New Rolex Watches!

Paul Pogba buys Rolex watches for staff of his former club Juventus, as a form of appreciation for taking him in when he was far from the spotlight

French midfielder Paul Pogba has truly shown he is the world’s most expensive player. The United player returned to his former club Juventus and reportedly bought a Rolex watch for all staff of the club. The United record signing left thousands of pounds worth of designer gear in his Juventus locker when he quit the club for Manchester United this summer.

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Having some ‘unfinished business’ to attend to, the French man flew back to Turin on his day off to clear out his locker and catch up with his old friends. According to a report by a french source Tuttosport, Paul Pogba buys Rolex watches for the majority of the staff at Juventus, as well as several club officials; this is said to be his way of saying thank you to them for nurturing him over the years, after he was initially rejected by United 4 years ago.

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Pogba's goal for Man United
Pogba’s goal for Man United

Formerly a United player, Paul Pobga had left Old Trafford in 2012, after a disagreement with the then manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Pogba joined Italian side Juventus that same year; there he proved beyond doubts that he was someone to be proud of. Pogba at Juventus, won four consecutive Serie A titles with the club as he developed his game and began to realise his potential. Having done well for himself at the side, he became one of the best players there ever was at the time.

Being in dire need of efficient players ahead of this season, Man U decided to bring back the once rejected stone (who is now a hot cake), on an all-time record for highest football transfer fee. The 23-year-old returned to United on August 8, on a five year contract at a fee of 109 million pounds.

Pogba played his best game at United on Saturday as he dominated midfield against Leicester City, scoring a goal with a header. The French man has now decided to show appreciation to the club that took a gamble on him and made him the player he is today. How thoughtful of him.