Pete Edochie Meets Rawlings: The Veteran Actor’s Advice Will Completely Change Ghana Politics for Good

Pete Edochie Meets Rawlings: The veteran actor thought it wise to offer possible solutions to the issue of corruption which now appears to be indelible in almost all parts of Africa.

In what we call the most hilarious advice ever, legendary Nollywood actor has suggested that government officials swear by local gods before assuming office, to help curb corruption in the society. The Nollywood icon said this when he met with former Ghanaian President Jerry John Rawlings.

On Friday, February 17, 2017, casts of Kofas Media and Miracle Wave International new movie, paid a courtesy call on the former President Of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings at his office in Accra. The legend who has been likened several times with Rawlings said he taught it prudent to visit the former head of state, since he was in Ghana for a movie shoot.

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Pete Edochie Meets Rawlings
Pete Edochie meets Rawlings

The two influential icons engaged in different talks ranging from entertainment to politics. The issue of corruption in Africa -Nigeria and Ghana to be precise, was subsequently introduced into the conversation. The Nigerian actor thought it wise to offer possible solutions to the issue of corruption which has seemed indelible in almost all parts of Africa.

Not minding the possible backlash that could follow, Pete Edochie advised that political officials in Ghana should be made to swear by deity gods before assuming office; instead of the normal oath by the Christian bible or Muslim Quran. Backing his rather unusual suggestion with a valid reason; the legendary actor said that swearing by the Supreme God allows for a tremendous disregard of oath, as well as promises made before assumption into office -as it is believed that God is merciful.

This according to the actor, is the major reason why politicians go ahead and make mouth watering promises prior to elections, only to turn their back on the people afterwards. This also, according to him, is why reports of embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, bribery and the likes; is no more ‘news’ in Africa -Ghana and Nigeria to be precise.

Politicians he said have no fear of spiritual consequences that might follow their horrible acts, simply because “God gives you a long rope according to the Bible.” The local deities he said give no long rope to repent; “the moment you go against them, they will kill you.” he said. He dared that Nigerian and Ghanaian politicians swear by local deities, if they really wish to fight corruption.

Pete Edochie a veteran Nollywood actor is known for his witty use of proverbs during his dialogues in movies. Featured in over 300 Nollywood movies, Pete Edochie is one legend whose wits is considered indispensable, in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The veteran actor has two sons Linc Edochie and Yul Edochie, both of whom are Nollywood actors.

Pete Edochie meets Rawlings
Pete Edochie meets Rawlings

Corruption in Ghana, Nigeria

As mentioned earlier, it is no longer news that series of corrupt practices, have almost gotten the best of so many countries in Africa. That of Ghana and Nigeria can never be overemphasized. Nigeria for instance, has been in global news platforms, as a result of the country’s seemingly limping economy brought about by the prevalence of corruption in the society.

Aggressive attacks on oil infrastructure, as well as tight liquidity in foreign exchange market has led to a hike in prices of petrol, goods and overall service tariffs in the country. This is almost similar to the situation of Ghana, which is also in a season of skyrocketed tariff charges.

The two countries have had a fair share of episodes of reports on official misuse of funds and resources for private benefits, by government officials. This unfortunate situation has been linked to the current situation of both countries, said to be having ailing economies. This situation the actor has said is as a result of the unseriousness and disregard of public officials, towards the laws of the land.