Phone Charging

Having that healthy battery you so much enjoy is not all about having it always fully charged. Mobile phone charging tips abound, but those who know and keep to them are very few! In this article, BuzzGhana brings you some of the best phone charging rules that are sure to help you maintain a healthy battery life.

Below are the 5 latest and most efficient mobile phone charging tips you can’t afford to violate if you really love healthy batteries. Read, practice and enjoy!

5 Most Efficient Phone Charging Tips

1. Take off that ‘coat’ if you must charge overnight!

What most of us have always known and lived by is that “phones should not be charged for too long, especially overnight”. However, what should be completely avoided is not necessarily how long our batteries are plugged in but rather the temperature of our phones during the long plug-in hours.

According to mobile phone accessory experts, our phones are designed in such a way that they stop receiving charging current whenever the battery is filled up in order to protect it from overcharging; hence, charging a phone overnight is not quite the bone of contention.

However, what actually makes leaving a smartphone plugged in for long or overnight dangerous to a battery’s lifespan is heat – the temperature of the phone during the charging period. This is simply because, when a phone experiences elevated temperatures, the heat causes cell oxidation which shrinks the capacity and shortens the lifespan of the battery, leading to a damaging effect. To prevent this, make sure you take your phone case off and keep it in a cool corner whenever you want to leave it plugged in for long or overnight.

2. Go for Top Ups instead of Full Charging!

“The sweet spot for lithium-ion batteries is to keep them charged between 50 and 80 percent,” a phone accessories manufacturer, Shane told Digital Trends. According to him, “charging your device in short spurts throughout the day will give these ions just enough energy to keep them going…this allows for the charged ions to continue to work and protect the life of your battery”.

So frequent top-ups, rather than one daily full charge up, is healthier for your battery and remains one of the optimal mobile phone charging tips that ensures the longest battery life possible.

3. Avoid the 0-100% Habit!

Mobile phone experts have also revealed that the major threat to battery life is charge cycles – a situation where your battery goes from empty or near-empty to full. If you are in the habit of leaving your battery to go flat and filling it up to the brim, a quick degradation will be the sure result. This is simply because every phone battery has a limited number of charge cycles before the end of its life, between 300-500 cycles. After this point batteries will no longer be able to hold as much electricity and will power your device for increasingly shorter periods of time. so the more you preserve the cycles by avoiding the 0-100% charging, the longer your battery will last for you.

4. Always Keep It Cool – Beware of so-called Fast Chargers!

As earlier indicated, batteries are not friends with high temperature. So, make sure you don’t leave your phone in a hot place all day, such as in a sun-heated car, on top of an oven or microwave that is in use, on top of your gaming PC or in a sauna. And if you have to keep your phone or its battery out of use for a while, make sure you store it in a cool dry place.

Also, beware of quick chargers. This is because these superpower fast chargers can generate extra heat which is unhealthy for your battery life. In addition, avoid wireless charging as much as possible, because wireless chargers also generate waste-heat which bakes batteries.

5. What’s the Quality of Your Charging Accessories?

There’s one other factor to consider when charging your smartphone and it concerns the quality of the accessories you use. It’s always best to use the charger and cable that are shipped with your smartphone. In situations where you eventually lost the original charging accessories, you can order for new ones made specifically for your smartphone, from the same company that makes that brand of phones or from other trusted brands such as Farbe Technik.

Although these could turn out to be expensive, it would certainly not more expensive than the smartphone itself or that original battery that came with it which will eventually need to be changed if it gets damaged by counterfeit accessories. It is also important to ensure that the charger and cable you buy has the correct rating by cross-checking the amp or watt rating with your phone’s specifications.

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