7 Best Places To Visit In West Africa During The Holidays

Visit West Africa -It’s about the month of rest for the parents, a time for play for the children and of course the travel season for many The summer holidays come with a special feeling of excitement, as many look forward to the longest vacation period in the academic calendar. While there is the feeling of excitement, there is also that of the uncertainty of where to spend the holidays.

If you’re having enough money you may want to explore some beautiful locations in the great West African region for your holiday. Here we bring you some of the must-be places in Western Africa.

1. Ghana

The freshness of the former gold coast cannot be ignored in the search for a perfect holiday spot. Fondly called ‘Africa for beginners’ Ghana is indeed an ideal destination for those searching for a place to relax, immerse in the authentic African culture and learn more about African history.

With a traditional cuisine straight from the roots, a culture reflected in all aspects of living from clothing to religion, Ghana is truly a country to be if you want to get the real African feeling. Located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, the West African country Ghana shares land borders with 3 countries: Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo.

For an exciting holiday, check out the various beaches like the Labadi Beach. In case you’re looking forward to a meeting tourists like you or be in the midsts of different people, Labadi beach has what you seek. We won’t forget the famous Accra slavery museums, Kajeita market in Kumasi, Kakum national park and so many locations.

2. The Gambia

No! all the anxiety over the Yahya Jammeh controversy is over, so visit The Gambia today; West Africa’s best-kept secret.

Visit West Africa: Gambia National Park

The Gambia offers visitors an opportunity to get in touch with nature and has reserves where you can see various animals and rare species of wildlife. Places like Abuko National Reserve, Gambia National Park and Bijilo Forest Park surely have what you seek as a tourist in the beautiful country.

3. Burkina Faso

Ghana’s neighbor Burkina Faso is another perfect territory for a wildlife experience. Visit Burkina Faso, the country with a wonderful range of animal species including Elephants, Monkeys, Warthogs, and Buffalos.

There is Karfiguela, home to beautiful waterfalls. There you will be caught in the grasp of nature’s touch. Burkinabes are also welcoming and warm people and so, you won’t find it difficult to mingle with people.

4. Togo

Known for her natural beauty, the country of Togo is another delightful sight for tourists. From Lome’s pristine sands and butterfly walks in Kpalimé’s beautiful forests, you are sure to experience a satisfying tourist treatment.

You should visit the country’s capital Lome, the most chilled part of the country known as home for interesting places for hangouts and nightlife.

5. Nigeria

Known as the giant for Africa, Nigeria is not just a hub for business investors but also the home of entertainment. The most populous, yes, but Nigeria’s large population will not deprive you of a serene and enjoyable holiday. Be greeted by the tranquil voice of Obudu Cattle Ranch in Calabar, Cross River and the soft splashes ofits waterfalls.

Visit West Africa: Obudu Cattle ranch

To mention a few, Nigeria boasts of beautiful tourist spots such as Olumirin waterfall in Erin-Ijesha, Ife museum in Enuwa square, the Olumo rock, Agbokim waterfall and lots more. How about the crazy nightlife? get busy in the unrivaled clamor of Lagos, the city with the best spots for fun and games.

7. Ivory Coast

Might seem small but Cote d’Ivoire is a hidden gem in Western Africa. The country is surrounded by picture perfect palm-lined beaches, offering incredible natural and man-made attraction for visitors.

Visit West Africa: Ivory Coast’s kedjenou

The food in Ivory Coast is amazing. Ensure you have a taste of the tasty kedjenou, each bite will have you begging for more.