Political Parties in Ghana – A Comprehensive List

The fourth republic (1992 to present) has recorded about 23 registered political parties in Ghana, despite the fact that Ghana has only two dominant parties (the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party) since the introduction of constitutional democracy as changes within the government has continued to rotate between these two parties. It has been a very serious challenge for anyone outside the above named parties to achieve electoral success. It will be of relevance for all Ghanians or any one interested in Ghana politics to be aware of the  the different political parties that has been in existence starting from the second, third and fourth republic even to the time of independence and pre-independence era.

Here Goes the List of Political Parties in Ghana

Ghana electoral commission - political parties in Ghana

Political Parties in Ghana

Second Republic (1969-1972)

  • All People’s Republican Party
  • Justice Party
  • National Alliance of Liberals – offshoot of CPP
  • People’s Action Party
  • Progress Party – ‘Danquah/Busia’ tradition
  • United Nationalist Party

Third Republic (1979-1981)

  • Action Congress Party
  • People’s National Party
  • Popular Front Party – ‘Danquah/Busia’ tradition
  • Social Democratic Front
  • Third Force Party
  • United National Convention

Fourth Republic (1992-present)

There are 23 registered political parties on the list of the Electoral Commission of Ghana during the Fourth Republic.

  • Convention People’s Party (CPP)
  • National Convention Party (NCP) – merged with PCP to reform CPP
  • People’s Convention Party (PCP) – merged with NCP to reform CPP
  • National Independence Party (NIP) – merged with PHP, forming PC
  • People’s Heritage Party (PHP)- merged with NIP, forming PCP
  • Democratic Freedom Party (DFP)
  • Democratic People’s Party (DPP)
  • Every Ghanaian Living Everywhere (EGLE Party)
  • Ghana Democratic Republican Party (GDRP)
  • Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP)
  • Ghana Freedom Party (GFP)
  • Ghana National Party (GNP)
  • Independent People’s Party (IPP)
  • National Democratic Congress (NDC) – ruling party
  • National Democratic Party (NDP)
  • New Patriotic Party (NPP) – ‘Danquah/Busia’ tradition
  • National Reform Party (NRP)
  • New Vision Party (NVP)
  • People’s National Convention (PNC)
  • Progressive People’s Party (PPP)
  • Reformed Patriotic Democrats (RPD)
  • United Development System Party (UDSP)
  • United Front Party (UFP)
  • United Ghana Movement (UGM)
  • United Love Party (ULP)
  • United Renaissance Party (URP)
  • Yes People’s Party (YPP)
  • Ghana Redevelopment Party (GRP)