Keep Your Money And Cars; I Will Keep Saying The Truth – Prof Martey To Politicians

It has been revealed that politicians tried bribing Prof Martey, the ever outspoken Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Professor Emmanuel Martey has revealed some shocking truths about politics in Ghana, which includes bribery and corruption.

The outgoing Presby Moderator had a lot to say about bribery in politics. Prof Martey has been known over the years for his harsh public statements of dissension, against some government decisions and polices.

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The gallant Moderator revealed that many political parties have attempted to bribe him into keeping his mouth shut when it comes to political matters. We all know Prof. Martey to be an outspoken and fearless man who doesn’t hesitate to speak out whenever people in power have erred.

The outgoing Moderator during a press conference on Tuesday, said he has rejected a lot of gifts from politicians with ulterior motives of silencing him. Mentioning some of the gifts, he said that some politicians attempted to bribe him with $100, 000 to be silent.

Though he did not specifically mention any names or political parties, he said that the politicians  promised to give him a mansion at Trasaaco and a V8 vehicle, if he remained silent on national issues.

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Though many politicians tried bribing Prof Martey, he has stressed that no amount of bribe can stop him from commenting on national issues.

The courageous Moderator is a well-known critic of the present government. It can be recalled that the outgoing moderator during an event, promised that the Presby Church will help main opposition’s Nana Addo build Ghana, if he wins the presidency in December.

This had attracted lots of criticisms against him from the ruling party. But the gallant moderator who fears no one, has maintained that no amount of attacks or criticisms can stop him from speaking the truth when it comes to political affairs.